• « ***** These items are those we are most in need of currently ***** »     ...     « toilet rolls, hand soap, toothbrushes/paste, sanitary products, shower gel, washing up liquid, laundry detergent »     ...     « sponge deserts, jellies, UHT milk »     ...     « Sugar (esp. 500g), ready made pasta meals, instant noodles, savoury rice, tinned spaghetti »

Second Anniversary

A venture to help conceived two and a half years ago has achieved two yeIMG_1202 [24328480]ars of operation, and it is all voluntary effort by people.

It is foodbank4whitby serving neighbours in need across Whitby and District. People from Whitby Town and the surrounding rural areas give food and essentials voluntarily through channels such as Sainsbury’s, the Co-op and the Coliseum, and distributed collection points in schools, churches and even a Surgery. More voluntary effort by the food bank team sorts and dates everything and converts incoming donations into parcels for individuals, couples and families. Referral agencies then point people to the food bank, at the same time as trying to resolve the underlying causes of people’s food poverty.


The message of “all working together” was the theme of last Monday’s event at the Coliseum attended by a cross section of those involved with the food bank in the presence of Mayor Heather Coughlan and four young accompanied representatives from Lythe’s  School Council. Their purpose was to find out more about the food bank and its operation to inform the wider school. In other words, they were budding reporters.


The web-site www.foodbank4whitby.org.uk [see Look page] has the informative presentation delivered by Chairman of the Trustees, Graham Hilton and compares the first two years of activity. The emergency need is well and truly there and has grown, but it is not a runaway situation. Donors, the F4W team and the referral agencies are working together very effectively and thereby promptly meeting needs.

For more information look online or contact info@foodbank4whitby.org.uk

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