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Updating into 2018

There has been a pause in posts for a while, but foodbank4whitby has been on the go all the time.

Last year (2017) was a year in which, broadly speaking, what food items came in balanced the food parcels going out with. People keep giving and that is greatly appreciated by us and particularly those who receive the parcels.

We had a bumper “harvest” from the schools and churches which filled the larder leading into the Christmas period. Christmas was as ever a busy time, before and indeed after. Three turkey crowns from Radfords arrived post Christmas and what better could one do with them than to pass to the Sisters at Sneaton Castle to rustle up some pies for the F4W freezer.

We sometimes get fresh produce in reasonable amounts which sometimes needs to be put to use at short notice. If you run a lunch club for older people, please do let us know when you meet and what you can use. We cannot regularly provide, but if we know what is going on we can try to supply something time to time.

Shortly, we will put some statistics and graphs in a Post to illustrate quantitatively how we are performing on behalf of others.


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