• « ***** These items are those we are most in need of currently ***** »     ...     « toilet rolls, hand soap, toothbrushes/paste, sanitary products, shower gel, washing up liquid, laundry detergent »     ...     « sponge deserts, jellies, UHT milk »     ...     « Sugar (esp. 500g), ready made pasta meals, instant noodles, savoury rice, tinned spaghetti »


foodbank4whitby provides an emergency food lifeline for neighbours in need, in partnership with professional agencies who get alongside and help tackle the underlying problems . . .

07789 765696 (Chris)

Accessing foodbank4whitby

The food bank is normally open on Monday and Friday afternoons 2pm – 4pm. The primary route to access the food bank is through one of our referral partners.


Anniversary event presentation (March 2016) is available

NEWSLETTER 6 (January 2016) is available Foodbank4Whitby Second Anniversary Town centre Co-op hosts a bin! NEWSLETTER 5 (December) available F4W is now an independent charity SAINSBURY CUSTOMER DONATIONS ‘THANK YOU’ CORPORATE DONORS

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