We will remain open to help the community along as we can during the corona virus emergency. However, we ask clients to wait outside the door, rather than entering. Keep at least 2 meters away from anyone else. Clients are urged to use a referral agency before coming to the foodbank – it saves contact time with volunteers when you come. These agencies can be contacted by phone during the pandemic. Sadly, not our normal friendly service, but these aren’t normal times.

We are open every Monday and Friday afternoon between 2.00pm and 4.00pm, except Bank Holidays. Outside these times phone Chris 07789 765696, or Barry 07810 205014

Find us at the back of Whitby Evangelical Church at the end of Poplar Row.

We are here to help when anyone finds that they have no money to buy food to feed themselves or their family. Such situations arise for all sorts of reasons – illness, redundancy, unexpected bills and delays in payment are just a few examples.

We can supply food parcels to cover a meals for a minimum of three days and parcels can include things like shower gel and toilet rolls as well.

photo of food tins

How it works:

If you are unable to afford food, please try to visit one of our referral agencies. They can give you a voucher for the foodbank and can provide advice and support for your circumstances. Bring this voucher with you to the foodbank during the opening hours.

Here you’ll be welcomed and offered a cuppa whilst your food is packed up.

If you can’t get to a referral agency before coming to the foodbank we will still be able to give you a limited amount of food.

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